VIDEO. Ukraine, health and chocolate on the front page of the Grand JT des Territoires

The Grand JT des Territoires is offered by Siril Vigue (© The Great JT of the Territories)

This Saturday, April 16, 2022, the Grand JT des Territoires, presented by Cyril Vigier, returns to reflect local news. Discover the new edition.

Expensive life: care at all costs

On the first page of this week, the issue of high cost of living and purchasing power. The liberal professions, such as nurses, are particularly affected by rising prices. WeoTVchannel La Voix du Nord, one day followed a professional.

Ukraine: integration through school

The fate of Ukrainian refugees also in this newspaper. With the integration of those who came to France. In Aube, 9-year-old Maxim has just joined his new class, supported by classmates and teachers. Subject matter Channel 32 to discover.

Chocolate: from beans to a bar

“From beans to a bar”, do you know this trend in the world of chocolate? In the middle of the Easter period, the editorial staff of the year Thebes will introduce us to an organic chocolate factory that takes care of the entire production process.

Health: the art of breathing well

And at the end of the diary, we will show you that you can learn to breathe well. There is a special school near Annecy that has courses to discover breathing techniques. A gesture that seems natural, but that promotes good health if well controlled. Channel theme 8 Mont Blanc.

Find more videos of the Grand JT des Territoires at his dailymotion channel.

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