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D-1 before starting Miss Marvel on Disney +. ! The Marvel mini-series is actually expected on the streaming platform this Wednesday, June 8th. Fans will finally meet the bubbling Kamala Khan, whose other adventures promise to breathe fresh air into the MCU.

Authors: Marvel Studios.

Meanwhile, the media and critics had the opportunity to review the first episodes of the series. First opinions about Miss Marvel quickly fell. to website brought back a few, that’s what critics of the show think.

Overall, they are positive …

Most of the feedback so far is positive: let’s take it GameSpot Mason Downey Who missed Marvel is a series “Really fun and charming with the actor and gravity of new amazing characters that other Disney + MCU projects lacked.”.

Tom Power from Tech Radar, while Miss Marvel strikes the perfect balance between the superhero plot of Kamala Khan’s teenage life and history. Power also believes that the real strength of the series is none other than the young Iman Vellani, who wonderfully embodies Miss Marvel. It is clear to him that the actress and her character will not be able to steal the show from their seniors when they make their debut in MCU films (especially The Marvels with Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau and which are scheduled to appear next year).

Yasmine Kandil from “Discussion Film”. welcomed the “civilian aspect”. Mrs. Marvel whose traditional superhero storyline takes a back seat. “For some, it will be refreshing, while others will be disappointed with the lack of a regular Marvel outlet. This story is not for everyone, so it works. ““Candil said.” “Despite expectations, Miss Marvel is reviving a new essential character and the wealthy community around her. While the future of the series may seem uncertain at times, these introductory episodes promise just enough entertainment for an exciting first season. »

Finally, we can also quote IGN Emma Fraser what sets Miss Marvel apart from the classic superhero series for teens: “There are familiar elements in this adulthood story of a teenager trying to find a way forward. But the teenager’s Muslim faith and the expectations of her parents open up a new perspective. »

… but doubts remain towards the end

You should know these opinions about Mrs. Marvel are based on the first two episodes of the series. So even if the series seduces them at all, critics remain wary of the sequence of events. They are particularly concerned that Ms Marvel will lose her freshness during the episodes in order to finally adopt the “standard MCU formula”.

As explained CNET Richard Trenholm : “It remains to be seen whether [Miss Marvel] will find direction among the many sub-characters and offer more action on the big screen superheroes. ” Trenholm is also interesting to see [si] In terms of origin stories, Miss Marvel brings enough new experiences to make the series enjoyable for both new viewers and anyone who loves a superhero as much as Kamala Khan. »

There really is something to pique the curiosity of MCU fans. See you at Disney + tomorrow to see the first Miss Marvel series and finally meet Kamala Khan!

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