Vilnes: Russell seems to be better able to master Mercedes than Hamilton

The 1997 world champion believes the young Briton was better able to take advantage of his single-seater than his excellent teammate during the first two Grand Prix races.

After dominating the planet F1 in recent years, it is clear that Mercedes is marking the start of the 2022 season with Red Bull and Ferrari, who are now leading the debate on the new single cars resulting from the new rules.

When Hamilton managed to save furniture in Bahrain and win the podium, benefiting from the last two laps of the Red Bulls, the British spent the most anonymous weekend in Jeddah, getting rid of Q1 and painfully finishing 10th in the start. grid.

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After all, George Russell had the highest hopes for Mercedes points in Saudi Arabia. In the sixth qualifier, while Hamilton was in the lead, the English driver took fifth place in the race. Of course, far from the leading men, but far ahead of his teammate.

For Jacques Vilneev, who speaks at, George Russell still knows how best to deal with Mercedes.

“George Russell can still handle the car to some extent,” considers Quebec. “Probably due to his years in Williams, when he also had to drive a complicated car.”

“But Lewis Hamilton doesn’t handle it at all. He always had the perfect machine, he never had to push because they were much faster. [de dimanche]he did well but was nowhere on saturday continues Vilnēvs.

“The car doesn’t seem to fit his driving style right now. It can make the engine more powerful, but you can’t just get extra horsepower, and if the chassis doesn’t go along, there’s a problem.”

In addition, the Canadian is waiting for Mercedes to react to the beginning of this difficult season. “We can say that fighting for prizes is no longer an option for them”he added.

“Obviously – Mercedes have fallen off the podium. For years they were superior, the bad weekend could be compensated by their powerful engine, but it is no longer.”

“It will be interesting to see how the team reacts, because Toto Wolf and Lewis Hamilton are not used to it.”

“The championship is far away for them” concludes Vilneev. “And with a budget constraint, it will be difficult for them to change course.”

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