Westmont Baseball advances to the first NAIA World Series in program history

MONTECITO, Calif. – The Westmont Warriors got rid of all the drama when they won their first place in the NAIA World Series with an 8-lap first inning against Antelope Valley.

But when the game finally ended in a 12: 0 Warriors victory, Westmont was full of excitement as he celebrated winning the Santa Barbara Bracket at the NAIA Opening Round Tournament.

The players embraced 13-year-old head coach Robert Ruiz with a gatorada and then proudly raised the tournament championship plaque.

The Warriors advance to the NAIA World Series with 10 teams in Lewiston, Idaho, beginning May 27.

Westmont sent 13 shots to the plate at the top of the first shift when they stunned the Pioneers.

Josh Rego drove Brady Renck in the first round of the game.

Parker O’Neil, who had a 4-hit day, went to a shallow Wednesday with busy bases.

Antelope Valley shot the ball on the plate in hopes of being fired by force, but the ball got out of the trap and two scoring increased Westmont to 3-0.

Ryan Desaegher was hit by a loaded field and increased to 4: 0.

Leading tracker Robbie Haw finished a 2-run single to the right and it was a 6-0 Warriors.

Renck, who has already become independent and scored in inning, practiced a 2-run double to the right to limit an 8-run, 5-hit run.

Lost in the scoring was Westmont pitcher Bradley Heacock, who threw 7 1/3 of the ball change that prevented him.

With a historic victory, Westmont has improved to 45-11 this season and, most importantly, the Warriors are heading to the NAIA World Series.

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