What are the best Lebanese cookbooks?

In its great diversity, Lebanon offers a unique variety of fragrant dishes, delicate flavors and exquisite dishes, which over time are enriched with new flavors from elsewhere.

The world-renowned Lebanese cuisine is famous for its specialties: humus, falafel, tabula, eggplant caviar, spicy grilled meat, stews, pistachios and rose pastries … But we know less about some of the authentic recipes kept by each family. secret.

It is this culinary heritage, which is sometimes reviewed and always highlighted, by Andre Maaluf and Karim Haidar, the best-selling authors. Lebanese cuisine yesterday and todaysend us here about a hundred recipes: Shrimp falafel, Zaatar salad, Pumpkin kebbes, Rice with saffron, cardamom and rose, Scorpio fish with fennel and arrack, Osmallié with sour cream and rose, Sahlab, Baklawa squares …

When the experience of a passionate person meets the art of a chef, it forces us to discover the best of Lebanese cuisine, delicious and easy to prepare, a real journey to the “land of cedar and honey”.

Andrée Maalouf, 2015, Albin Michel editions

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