What preferential loans do Novosibirsk companies take today?

Today it is available in the Novosibirsk region a fairly wide arsenal of support measures entrepreneurs. During a series of online and offline meetings currently organized by My Business MFC, bank representatives identified the types of preferential loans that Novosibirsk residents believe are most in demand.

At the first meeting, which took place on April 7 in My Business Center, representatives of the MFC and many key banks spoke about anti-crisis programs and their importance.

“Today, I would put the concession loan program in the first place to replenish working capital, according to which the rate does not exceed 15% for small companies and 13.5% per year for medium-sized companies,” he said. Deputy Director of the Novosibirsk branch of Sberbank Nikita Makarenko. The maximum loan amount under such a program is 300 million rubles for small businesses and 1 billion for medium-sized businesses. The period is up to three years, while the interest rate is fixed for the first year and a half, and then calculated according to the formula “key interest rate plus”.

Among other popular lending programs, he highlighted Sber export support program from the Ministry of Economic Development and the program of the Ministry of Agriculture no. 1528 with a rate of up to 5%.

“I would say that all our work is already adjusted to state support. And we see how much demand there is for it, “added Nikita Makarenko.

He added that Sberbank is adding its own ecosystem programs to its loan programs. Thus, fees for services such as “Lawyer for companies”, “Accounting for sole proprietors”, “Rabota.ru” and “Electronic document management” were abolished. In addition, legal entities that previously used Pay services and suspended their work have started using payments via QR codes, which are also offered by Sber. Thanks to the InSales platform, it is easier to work with online retailers in markets and social networks.

At Sberbank, new SME customers will receive four months of free services under the Getting Started package in addition to state-supported loans. In addition, business cards become permanent and all operations remain fully available.


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