What you need to know about getting medical help at the clinic

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – How long to wait for a consultation with a narrow specialist and why queues are formed at polyclinics? Gulnara Azimžanova, the head of the quality control service for the provision of medical services at the city’s 4th polyclinic, answered these and other questions about the provision of medical care in PHC organizations, Kazinform reports with reference to the official. Web site city ​​administration.

Global healthcare is committed to working in a planned way. Therefore, all doctor’s appointments are booked in advance, and only in urgent situations can an appointment be made without an appointment. Waiting for the consultation and diagnostic service for up to 10 days is the norm.

“Now that the incidence of COVID-19 has started to decrease, in our clinic you have to wait only 3-4 days for an appointment with a narrow specialist, for some doctors – 8-9 days. We have to wait 10 days at the oncologist the longest, because we only have one. We are looking for each other, but oncologists are hard to find right now. But even 10 days is an acceptable waiting time, “she said.

However, it happens that even if the patient arrived after the appointment at a certain time, he also has to wait in the “live” queue. According to Gulnar Azimzhanov, this happens when patients arrive with urgent cases that need to be admitted without waiting in line. Also, a queue shift occurs when a doctor accepts patients from another facility or those who were enrolled with a narrow specialist who is not currently available.

“If the district doctor is on a medical record, the attracted residents are taken from his district by a neighboring district doctor. In the mobile application, the patient sees that a visit to another doctor is now available. If the patient had previously registered with a doctor and was unaware of his / her absence, the head of department can be contacted on site to resolve the situation. In addition, the registry staff will assist in arranging an appointment with the district police in his absence, ”she added.

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