WhatsApp Beta introduces Request Account Information to users: Report

WhatsApp implements the Request Account Info feature for desktop users. Since last year, this feature has been available on WhatsApp on iOS and Android. This feature is already available on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Read on to learn more about WhatsApp Request account information and other information about this feature.

WhatsApp Desktop users can now download their information

According to the report submitted by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp introduces the option to download user information from the desktop. When this feature becomes available to more users, they will be able to download their account information directly from WhatsApp for Desktop. The report mentions that WhatsApp Desktop beta v2.2219.3 is marked as compatible, which means that users of this version of WhatsApp will be able to access their account information.

The report states that “this feature was introduced due to new BDAR policies a few years ago and includes a detailed report of certain information, such as your activity information, privacy settings, device information, and content.” Although the WhatsApp Request Account Info feature will be available in 2022. May 20, it may not be available to all beta users. However, it is perfectly normal for such applications to take some time before the features are available to all users.

The message when you access the feature says, “Create a report of your WhatsApp account information and settings that you can access or transfer to another app. This report does not include your notifications.” The report also states that “your request will be canceled if you change your account, such as changing your number or deleting your account.”

More recently, WhatsApp has announced new features for WhatsApp Business users. From now on, WhatsApp Business users will have access to a cloud-based API that can help create a unique experience for their customers. In addition, the platform has announced two new features that will be available to high-end WhatsApp Business users. Read on to learn more about the new features for WhatsApp Business users.

With the new API, WhatsApp has shortened startup time from a few months to minutes. This allows businesses and developers to quickly and easily access WhatsApp services and build WhatsApp directly to further customize their experience and increase the speed at which they can respond to their customers. The new API will also eliminate the server costs incurred by businesses.

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