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Spring on the calendar! And the members of the parent committees in charge are already thinking about how to give extracurricular activities to classes where their children study.

After all, as you know, such activities bring you closer and fill you with new impressions.

The Profi-Tour Center for Industrial and Children’s Tourism has come up with excellent excursion programs for students of all ages. They include everything: recreation, an educational component and great fun.

Which tours are usually in greatest demand, said Natalia Kazakova, the head of the Profi-Tour project.

For the curious and not only

A tour of the chocolate factory – yes, it’s just a childhood dream! A world where you can literally bathe in chocolate will open its doors to visitors of all ages. Children will not only see and taste a lot of chocolate, but will also get to know the profession of a chocolate maker, learn what white and dark chocolate is made of. After participating in a mastering class on mastic and confectionery, everyone will bring home a hand-made delicacy.

The history of red clay

Why red? And you will know if you go!

The tour takes place in one of the modern factories in the Kaliningrad region. You can visit production workshops, talk to experienced technologists, find out which brick is the most durable. And on your way back to Ushakovskiye Verfi. It is also a unique company that builds amazing exclusive yachts to individual orders.

Look to the future

The modern world is full of many unique materials, the properties of which open up completely new possibilities for man to produce innovative products. A tour of the Amperetex plant in the Chrabrovo Industrial Park is one of those routes that can turn a teenager’s thoughts and give them new ideas on how to implement their plans in the future. The factory produces synthetic heating fabrics, and a number of products are planned to be released this year that will heat in previously inaccessible locations. Amperetex’s unique technology is based on electrically conductive yarn used to create fabrics, nets and laminates. These products can be integrated into any surface. For example, at the bus stop due to the non-slip effect or the roof on the roof, which will prevent icing and icicles and tragic consequences for residents. Imagine a visit to such a unique company that will inspire young chemists, physicists and mathematicians to new achievements and take education to a new level of quality.

living beauty

How does spring smell? Of course, the aromas of blooming flowers and plants. And it is best to observe this process at the epicenter of events. “Spalvota laukymė” – the most beautiful and fragrant tour of the Profi-Tour collection – a trip to the flower greenhouses in the village. Kalinkov Guard District. Participants will be able to see how modern robots take care of flowers, marvel at the diversity of plant species and play the role of a florist. And it is better to plan such a tour in the near future, because it is seasonal, and the flowering of hydrangeas and petunias will start here very soon.

I ruled the castle

In the village there is an ancient Waldau castle. The lower reaches of the Guryevsky district are a unique place that has survived to this day. The children will see with their own eyes how the Knights of the Teutonic Order lived, immerse themselves in the times of Peter I’s travels around East Prussia and the life of the settlers. In the old cellars, a class of mastery of archery competition and gypsum mold making awaits them. And in the finals you will be able to refresh yourself with the delicacies of the castle owner.

Baltic Spit and Baltiysk

Although anyone can visit Baltijsk now, it is interesting and useful to do so with a guide. It is here that the military history of our country is preserved – the legendary year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II is associated with this city, and now it is the heart of the naval base of the Baltic Navy. During the tour, children will get acquainted with maritime professions, take a ferry to the Baltic Spit, learn how it differs from the Curonian Spit, visit the Open-Air Museum of the Old Lunette and see the westernmost fort of our country.

Amber is legendary

There are probably no people in the Kaliningrad region who do not know that we have 90% of the world’s amber reserves. Yantarny village is home to one of the oldest and largest amber mining factories. Today, it is a modern company that digs all year round and produces unique amber products. All this can be seen with your own eyes. There is also an observation deck with a wonderful view of the working amber quarry, and a wonderful museum with unique exhibits and an amber pyramid where you can go and express your deepest wishes. This tour is led by two-time world amber fishing champion Tatiana Martynyuk. She also worked in a factory for many years, so she can say something about amber that no one knows about.

By the way, all Profi-tour tours, which number more than thirty, can be combined with visits to specialized educational institutions and with master classes – from molding from clay to the production of amber toys.

Groups travel on comfortable mid- and high-class buses, subject to all security measures.

For 7 years now, the Profi-tour team in the Kaliningrad region has been running industrial and children’s tourism programs, which have been evaluated in various regional and all-Russian competitions:

2017 – Winner of the regional stage of the All-Russian Competition “Business Success” in the nomination “Best Creative Project”;

2019 – Winner of the regional stage of the all-Russian competition “Best Social Project of the Year” in the nomination “Best Social Entrepreneurship Project in the Field of Additional Education and Upbringing of Children”;

2020 – Finalist of the All-Russian Children’s Tourism Competition in the nomination “Industrial Tourism”;

2021 – Winner of the All-Russian Competition “Masters of Hospitality” in the nomination “Children’s Tourism”.

Profi-tour industrial tourism center

For cooperation and development of industrial tourism in companies – proforient39@mail.ru (Natalia Kazakova)

+7 962 255 54 91 (Tatjana)





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