WHO is concerned about new outbreaks in the world

Even if some seem to think otherwise, the Covid epidemic is not over. It even resumes, notes the World Health Organization last week, “an increase in the number of cases detected by 8% and more than 11 million reported”. “And this is despite a significant reduction in screening worldwide,” said WHO expert Maria Van Kerhova on Wednesday. For her, this increase is explained by several factors.

The wave of infection is largely driven by the Omicron BA.2 sub-variant, which in some countries is already replacing its BA.1 brother. Undoubtedly, BA.2 “is the most contagious variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus we have seen so far,” said Maria Van Kerhova.

Removal of restrictions and misconceptions

It also includes the lifting of health measures against Covid in many countries, which gives the virus a “spread”, as well as incomplete vaccination coverage in many parts of the world.

Finally, a WHO expert regrets the misinformation about Covid-19 circulating at a very high level: some say that Omicron is benign and that it is the last option the world will face, except when the pandemic is over – “it all causes great confusion ”in favor of the virus.

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