WHO ‘unfavorable’ against third dose of vaccine?


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Anti-vaxxers oppose the booster dose and say it is not recommended by the World Health Organization. True or false teams analyze this statement.

Regarding the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine, some internet users argue the WHO would oppose it. The World Health Organization has repeatedly spoken of the third dose. Last July, its director said it was disappointing for rich countries to decide to focus on booster doses. But it was about equality issues in terms of vaccine availability. “Differences in world vaccine supply are very unequal and unfair”explains Tedros Adhanoms Ghebreyesus.

This WHO position is therefore based on logic. Before generalizing the third dose to all people in rich countries, preference should be given to those who have not received a dose. The idea was recently echoed by a WHO chief scientist. The third dose is useful for the elderly and for those with a weakened immune system. “We have not yet reached the level required for primary vaccination. The global target is 70% of the population in all countries by the middle of next year. We are a long way from that in many countries.” reports WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan.

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