Williams has a solid foundation with its new package

Alex Albon is delighted to finally be able to take part in a full race behind the wheel of his upgraded Williams, as the Thai believes the Groves team now has a good base to work on as they look to improve their line-up.

Williams unveiled its first true evolution of the FW44 at the British Grand Prix, but adverse weather during practice and Albon’s crash early in Sunday’s race prevented the British team from continuing. Get your first concrete feedback on the improvements he’s made. single. Last weekend in Austria, Alex Albon (who is the only one of the team with the new parts) was finally able to win a full Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, and although the Williams driver has finished in twelfth place, the Thai is pleased to have finally managed to collect a lot of data .

“We have more support, that’s for sure. It’s a little difficult to use in some places, especially in this circuit [en Autriche], it was very tricky with the changing wind. » explained Albon after the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday evening.

“I don’t know how the others felt about it, but it was difficult to drive during the race. But the way I see it is that we have more support, and that’s the most important thing. Then we’ll try to get a balance and we’ll have the rest of the season to do that. I think we have a good base to start from, it’s not the most complex car so we can build on that, it’s a good base. »

“You can see that the top teams are probably confident in their base car and then they improve it week after week. For our part, we made quite a few changes to our car with a different philosophy that takes a lot more time to understand. You see that with other cars like Aston Martin, they have a new package and they learn from it. »

“Luckily we have a full race today so we can really pick out pieces of data and see where we have problems and see where we need to improve. It was our first real full race with this new aero package and we learned a lot from today let’s learn, it was a bit like the first outing of this car. »

After the Austrian Grand Prix, the Williams team is still in last place in the Constructors’ World Championship with just three points since the start of the 2022 season.

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