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KOLKATA: Jhulan Goswami’s closet is full of trophies, except for the ICC World Cup and the Indian pacer, she said she would always miss it. For Goswami, it was a case so close — and yet — so far away that he was still within reach. In 2017, India lost in the final to England, while in March this year it failed to advance to the semifinals with the Republic of South Africa in the last group league match.
“I still haven’t gotten out of the hangar of the World Cup. We deserved a better result,” she said after she was appointed mentor to the Aditya School of Sports’s cricket academy on Thursday. Laying down low with a side shoot she suffered during the New Zealand World Cup, however, cruise control veteran is optimistic about the future of Indian women’s cricket. “I am happy to see a new crop of cricket players and I am sure that winning the World Cup is only a matter of time,” she said. “These girls are so dynamic, flashy and aggressive. They are ready to cross any line and I see a bright future for Indian women’s cricket,” she added.
The girl, who began her journey as a ball girl from the suburbs of Chakdaha, a suburb of Calcutta, felt that the next generation of cricket players was maturing rapidly as they became more and more visible. “Many of them now play in the women’s league of Big Bash, The Hundreds and other overseas leagues. That makes them so confident. At team meetings, I noticed that they could not be discouraged from the opposition,” she said.
Goswami, like all other Indians, still can’t forget Deepti Sharma’s ball in the penultimate match against South Africa, in which India dropped out of the World Cup this year. But she took it on her own. “That’s the sport. One day he can make you a hero and the next day pull you down. I myself have had the same experience of bowling without the ball in the last game you have to win in the second ODI against Australia last year. Heartbreaking, but we have to accept and live with it, “she said.
The 39-year-old cruise control has reached two milestones in this World Cup, has become the top player in one-day international women’s competitions (WODI) and has been crowned the most successful player in World Cup history. When asked to choose the one that is closer to her heart, she promptly replied, “You would certainly appreciate the other one if we won the cup.”
The winner of the Arjuna Award felt that the 2017 World Cup was a turning point for women’s cricket in India. “Then the whole atmosphere changed. Even though we didn’t win the cup, I feel it will be a milestone as they only started noticing our game. More girls got involved and more support came,” she said. stated.

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