With more than 2,000 hospitalizations in 24 hours, the number of contaminants continues to rise

21:35: more than 2,000 hospitalizations in 24 hours, pollution is still rising

Covid’s fifth-wave hospital pressure is rising to more than 2,000 in 24-hour admissions, according to French Public Health data on Monday, which also shows a steady rise in coronavirus infection. Nursing services continued to receive an increasing number of patients, with 19,606 patients admitted on Monday (19,043 on Sunday) and 2,160 new patients admitted in 24 hours.

The seven-day increase to offset the threshold effects was confirmed with 9,323 hospital admissions per week, compared with 7,413 last Monday. This increase is also reflected in critical care services, which receive the most serious forms of the disease. The resuscitation wards currently treat 3,654 patients and admit 352 patients in 24 hours. In seven days they expected 1817, compared with 1747 last Monday.

The virulence of the fifth wave has been confirmed, with an average of more than 167,000 positive people per day in seven days. Last Monday, there were still just over 72,000 a day on average in seven days. According to the SpF, there were 67,481 new cases in 24 hours.

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