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The United Nations (UN) has recognized the WomenPRIDE.Africa project run by the Nigerian Women’s Technology Organization (WITIN). WomenPRIDE.Africa took second place in the WSIS Prize 2022. Of the 966 projects submitted, 360 were nominated for online voting. More than 1.3 million votes were cast, and the WITIN project, WomenPRIDE.Africa, was among the top five voters in the AL C7 E-employment category.

2022 The WSIS Awards are an international recognition of WSIS stakeholders as winners and champions for excellence in supporting the implementation of WSIS results, particularly in the areas of action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It was developed in response to requests from WSIS stakeholders to establish an effective project and performance evaluation mechanism that harnesses the power of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to promote sustainable development. From the beginning, the WSIS Prize Competition attracted hundreds of thousands of stakeholders.

Vladimir Stankovic, Program Coordinator of the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Strategic Planning and Membership Department, wrote: “Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that your project has been selected as the WSIS Prize 2022 Champion! View the results of the selection round and see all the champions here at www.wsis.org/prizes

“Following the public announcement of our WSIS Prizes 2022 Champion on the aforementioned website, we address you with a brief summary of this year’s annual awards and an invitation to celebrate your achievement together.

“Of the 966 projects submitted, 360 were nominated for an online vote following a comprehensive review by an expert group. We reviewed more than 1.3 million votes and your project was ranked among the top five votes in your category. We would like to congratulate you on this amazing achievement and invite you to promote this global recognition.

“Continuing the highly regarded practice of the WSIS community in recent years, we are pleased to recognize the efforts and excellent work of the WSIS Prize 2022 Vice Champions as WSIS Prize 2022 Champions in the final week of the WSIS Forum 2022 (June 30) and beyond. We will share more detailed information about the program and suggestions for your participation and promotion soon.

In response to the award, WITIN founder Ms. Martha Alade said the recognition would give the body great visibility “with the #WomenPRIDEdotAfrica becoming popular for the first time. We have seen people we have never met speak and recognize our efforts over the past two decades around the world. It tremendously motivates us to work even harder and exceed our goal. In addition, it gives us a platform to connect with more partners.

Alade, who said WomenPride.Africa is an acronym (Women and Girls, Pivoting, Resilience, In the Digital Economy in Africa), revealed that it was a response to the COVID and WITIN initiative, which enables women and girls to thrive in the digital economy in three the main pillars that are in demand for digital skills training; urban-rural partnership and empowerment; and meaningful promotion of access and adoption.

She said it was a five-year action plan (2020-2025) in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union’s Girls in ICT and Partner2Connect coalition to empower the socio-economic power of 100,000 women and girls in Nigeria and Africa in general.

The founder of WITIN said that the organization in 2022. organizes a series of hybrid seminars for girls in May and June, based on the ITU-approved toolkit for Girls in ICT 2022.

The most important events of WITIN Girls in ICT 2022 are: interviews, virtual mentoring, digital skills training, career in technology, meeting with a woman in technology. She hinted that registration was available at wit.ng/gict, stressing that WITIN had been celebrating the event since 2012.

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