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“I just think he does [Marteel] He seems to be looking for problems. I only have that atmosphere from that guy, “said Ronnie O’Sullivan after winning a 5-3 lead over Judd Trump in the opening match of the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible in Sheffield.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan leads after the opening part of the 5-3 World Snooker Final

Ronnie O’Sullivan has accused referee Olivier Marteel of “finding problems” after an angry exchange of views thwarted the opening session of the World Snooker final against Judd Trump in Sheffield.

Marteel reprimanded O’Sullivan for making an obscene gesture after the six-time champion failed to get out of the eighth frame snooker, prompting the apparently irritated O’Sullivan to call on the official to check the camera and insist that “nothing did not see ”.

The World Snooker Tour confirmed the incident in a statement that said, “Ronnie O’Sullivan received a formal warning from the referee following a gesture he made in the eighth frame.”

O’Sullivan, who ended the show with a 5: 3 lead, denied any wrongdoing in an interview with Eurosport and said: “I just think that [Marteel] He seems to be looking for problems. I can feel the atmosphere from that guy.

“They have hundreds of cameras there and they can go check them all. I won’t have any of that because I think he’s just trying to create something. He has to deal with it, not me.”

O'Sullivan collided with referee Olivier Marteel at the Crucible

O’Sullivan collided with referee Olivier Marteel at the Crucible

O’Sullivan is already facing an investigation by the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee for an alleged obscene gesture after he missed the 13th frame black in his 10-5 win in the first round over Dave Gilbert.

The six-time world champion has previously complained to Marteel about a bodyguard who was in his field of vision during the third frame, then the pair got involved in a lengthy exchange of views about placing White after a mistake in the fourth frame. .

At the end of the match, O’Sullivan shared a fist with Trump, but left the arena without offering the usual recognition to Marteel, who is serving in his first world final.

The incident broke the inaugural opening session, in which Trump took the lead with a break of 72, only to have O’Sullivan take advantage of some of the 2019 champion’s bad decisions and win another five in a row, including two centuries, surpassing his Crucible career above 200 points.

Judd Trump held a late rally on Sunday afternoon

Judd Trump held a late rally on Sunday afternoon

Tensions escalated in the fourth frame as O’Sullivan insisted that White had been mistaken after the mistake, twice involved Trump in the discussion, and at one point jokingly insisted that Marteel should strike himself before the referee finally insisted that the game must continue.

O’Sullivan continued the winning squad by sinking the spotted black again from three pillows, and as he pushed through the other two, the situation seemed grim for Trump, as he seemed to be struggling with the opportunity and faced an almost irreparable deficit in the first session.

But Trump responded with a break in the seventh frame, before shrugging his frustration with Marteel’s intervention, and asked the official why the apparent reprimand could not wait until the end of the show.

Marteel replied to Trump that “I have to say something,” before Trump calmly saved the remaining colors to give himself every chance before the game resumed later on Sunday night.

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