“You Don’t Do This in Snooker” – Jimmy White wasn’t stunned when Yan Bingtao asked White to clear a hard shot

Yan Bingtao versus Mark Selby has always had a sense of struggle that could burn midnight oil, as neither of them is known for groundbreaking snooker, and caution is often the motto.

Matches often tend to last a long time when they shoot for three minutes. But that was what Yan did in the 18th frame of their Saturday’s second round match at the World Cup.

On this occasion, it is fair to say that he had the right to take the time when Selby prepared the devil’s riddle.


Yan Bingtao will perform a fighting performance to defeat Selby in a record match


The defending champion’s shot went completely and he returned to his seat with a worried look on his face as he seemed to let Yan shoot brown. Or mal?

With the camera right behind his pocket, it wasn’t clear if the road to the brown led alongside the blue.

Yan looked. He had a different view. And a few more looks at a good scale and I even considered playing with my left hand. To the great amusement of the crowd, he stood up and down at least three times.

“This is one where you don’t know how it goes until you play it, then it’s too late,” Neal Foulds said in a Eurosport commentary.

He also tried a little playfulness and asked to clear the white ball. Referee Rob Spencer shortened the request.

“It’s out of order, really,” David Hendon said. “There is no chance that Rob Spencer will succumb to this request.”

Mark Selby did not look interested in the request, which was the view taken by Jimmy White and Alan McManus in the Eurosport studio.

“It’s an unwritten rule among snooker players,” White said. “Fair play Rob Spencer stood his ground and said no. He could come back a little wrong and Bingtao could then shoot easily.”

“It’s something you don’t do. Maybe it was Bingtao who was under pressure thinking about anything to win, but you don’t do it in snooker.”

McManus added, “We don’t know what Yan meant, how subconsciously he thought. I hate to see it, Mark Selby didn’t like it and most players on tour won’t like it.” “

When he got to the shot, Yan knocked her down with the rest – roaring with joy from the crowd.

The drama did not end because it later faced a hard pink to seal the frame. He gave him time again and it came in again.

Yan hesitates on the heavy brown and then it leads to perfection and wins the frame

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Yan tries to lead the reigning champion Selby before the last match


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Selby embarked on a split introductory meeting with Yan Bingta

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