Your meetings don’t work: a new Verizon study shows you need to focus less on meetings to do more

Your meetings don’t work: a new Verizon study shows you need to focus less on meetings to do more

Due to the pandemic, companies are rethinking their operations, the way they work and almost every aspect of their business, and this is nothing new. It is noteworthy that companies use the lessons learned to innovate and improve their operations to meet the requirements of customers and employees. In a new White Paper published this week with Boston Consulting Group, Tami Ervin, CEO of Verizon Business, and Sampat Sovsyanarajan, CEO of Verizon Business, show how changing something as simple as meeting management can have a big impact on productivity while providing insight. guidance and best practice from deep experience.

“Every leader needs to rethink how their business operates in a hybrid world. Verizon Business and BCG have worked together to share real-world insights that lead to more agility, better connectivity, and better collaboration, ”said Tami Ervin, CEO of Verizon Business. “Because of all these changes, we know we need the most appropriate technological infrastructure, security and solutions, with the best training and resources, to enable companies to manage new ways of working effectively. »

For organizations, the rapid transition to a remote or asynchronous work model was a significant first organizational shock. However, these changes are now seen as an opportunity. They can give employees the opportunity to take on new collaboration tools and processes.

In order to have a significant impact, the most important thing is not large-scale change, but simple actions that make the biggest difference. We can mention, for example:

• Use simple and effective practices to improve meetings:

o Schedule meetings for 25 or 50 minutes, taking into account a 5 to 10 minute delay compared to the start time of the meeting;

o Clearly state the purpose and program of the meeting in the invitation;

o Reflect on the need for regular and periodic meetings.

• Identify and challenge the need for meetings that can be replaced by asynchronous forms of work, such as email, chat, document sharing, or offline review.

Verizon Business analyzed the meeting habits of a team of approximately 150 employees on a monthly basis to track the effectiveness of various meeting changes. The experimental practices were developed in collaboration with the team, recognizing the importance of developing new methods from the inside rather than imposing them from the outside. Throughout this month, participants were sent daily and weekly surveys so that they could benefit from continuous feedback, allowing them to follow developments in practice and practice in real time. The results were very positive and show the impact of small changes:

• 90% of participants said that new meeting management methods had improved the overall efficiency of these meetings.

• 83% said they felt more comfortable working with asynchronous working methods such as e-mail, collaboration tools and document sharing.

• 78% said they felt they were spending less time attending meetings that did not require their participation.

A 4-step process to identify, implement, and support simple actions to change the way work is done.

1. Walk the Talk: Guaranteed support from a reputable leader from the start.

2. Designing from the inside: Understanding the challenges and coming up with better techniques for the teams you are aiming to bring about change. Make a decision.

3. Make it easy: Create and re-create support tools to manage deployment and measure effectiveness. Make sure you have the right technology infrastructure and solutions to implement effective hybrid communications plans. 4. Repeat: Create regular and frequent feedback loops to support the continuous customization of new meeting modes and support tools.

The next step is scaling. As shown in Step 3, making the process simple and easy to update creates the preconditions for extensive expansion across the organization. The Verizon experience can be implemented by any company. In addition, Verizon Business has the networking solutions, knowledge, and technology needed to help businesses embark on their transformation path. Whether it’s redesigning their cybersecurity architecture, deploying 5G capacity solutions, or simply adapting access to meetings, Verizon is for businesses.

The pandemic may have forced many decision-makers in companies to completely change their behavior, but it has also paved the way for new and efficient ways of working. By making small adjustments, such as changing bad meeting habits, employees can focus on what’s important and do more.

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