YSL Beauty is committed to providing biodiversity with the NGO Re: wild

With its new Rewild Our Earth initiative, the luxury beauty brand aims to save 100,000 hectares of our planet by 2030.

A French brand that has already taken an environmentally responsible approach to its production and marketing chain (93 percent of YSL Beauty’s products are eco-friendly, according to its research director Caroline Nègre), the French brand has just joined forces with the NGO Re: wild to protect. and restoring biodiversity in the most vulnerable areas around the world. The global initiative as Re: wild covers 184 sites in 66 countries.

Conclusion: 75 percent of our ecosystems have been degraded by human activity, and more than one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction. To combat the inevitable, YSL Beauty is reaffirming its commitment to protecting the environment with the clear goal of restoring 100,000 hectares of biodiversity worldwide by 2030, especially in the most vulnerable areas where the brand grows its ingredients.

Among the actions taken are: to reverse the impact of desertification on one thousand hectares in Morocco, to plant 400,000 trees in Madagascar or to relocate uncultivated forests to Haiti, where they account for only one percent of biodiversity.

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