Yu-Gi-Oh fans rank the best villains in Anime

Since Yu Gi Ak! A series that follows several duelists has begun, with its heroes facing great villains as the seasons focus on alternative realities, aliens, duel academies, ancient Egyptian gods, and wild new lands. Taking the opportunity to delve into the past and present of the dueling franchise, fans took the opportunity to debate who is the best villain in the franchise. Needless to say, given that anime has so many seasons, there are many villains to choose from.

last season of the year Yu Gi Ak! focuses on duel with aliens, e.g. Yu Gi Ak! Go fast is preparing to enter a new territory for the franchise, which is already known for its wild plots. Before this season’s series, the youngest duel heroes led the indictment Yu Gi Ak! SevenIt is expected to hit major new platforms in July.

Yu Gi Ak! Seven Disney XD and Hulu are scheduled to appear this summer, and Kristen Gray, president of Konami Cross Media NY, Inc., talks about the recent animated series coming to these two platforms:

“Yu Gi Oh! Has a long history of success in Hulu, and now we are happy to expand our reach by offering the new series, Yu Gi Ak! SEVEN Disney XD audience. Sensitivity Yu-Gu-Oh! The brand and its emphasis on suspense, mystery and adventure will attract viewers and provide a strong audience for children and fans at Disney XD and Hulu.

Who is your favorite villain in Yu-Gi-Oh’s history? Feel free to let us know in the comments or type me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about the whole world of comics, anime and duel.

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