Is global warming caused by humans?

From 31 October to 12 November, leaders from almost every country in the world gather in Glasgow, Scotland, for a big meeting: COP26. The aim is to find solutions to global warming that threatens us the planet. Because yes, we are responsible! Watch this video to understand.

Is global warming caused by humans?

Eh yes! 97% of scientists say that global warming is caused by humans. But already, what is global warming? In summary, the sun’s rays hit our planet, warm it up and leave direction space, crossing our atmosphere. Some gases, for example carbon dioxideprevent some of these rays from escaping into space and send them back to Earth, which warms it even further.

Greenhouse effect

This phenomenon is called ” greenhouse effect “, is natural. However, since 1850, scientists have observed that it is growing rapidly, and this is not natural. Human activity creates no greenhouse gases, which accumulates in the atmosphere and intensifies the phenomenon. As a result, almost a third of these gases are produced in France. And factories and agriculture also produce gases that are harmful to the climate.

Some are still skeptical, as they have been in the past major climate change. Periods when it was very cold, for example, are called “The Ice Age.” But there are known causes for these changes, and they have been going on for thousands of years. The global warming we are experiencing is too fast it is not natural. So let’s stop asking ourselves if a person is responsible and let’s work together to find solutions.

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